Hello, world!

Hi, I'm Maurício.

Honestly, I don't know how to describe my job title.

Currently, I guess, I'm a software developer and entrepreneur. For the last 20 years I was previously a webdesigner, project manager, team lead, academic lecturer, full-time CEO, CTO, among others.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

During this journey, I've earned a master degree in hypermedia and new technologies (weird title, but yes, call me master — no, please don't, it's a just a bad joke, okay?).

I started a business in 2009 from bootstrap, and sold it 11 years before (before you ask, it does not make a millionaire — unfortunately).

And then, started a new business again (that's my karma, and I love it).

Back in time as a kid, I was always curious about how things worked.

My first contact with some piece of tech was my videogame (a NES in the late 80's), and I was passionated, and always ask myself how someone was able to create games like that.

Year later, thanks to my dad, I was forced to study computer science when I had no idea what to do in life.

For the most cases this shouldn't work… fortunately it wasn't my case.

I felt in love with technology since then, and decades before, I still spend hours studying new frameworks and programming languages.

I have always working in the thin line between UI and code. I love both: create a great UI and built great functionalities. I always believed that this combination could lead a company/product to succeed.

Several years before, the full stack developer term rises, and I found that I was not alone. Lots of people now are thinking the same as me, and thousands of professionals are being raised building great UI + great functionalities.

Nowadays I'm fully committed learning new stuff for my upcoming project (in fact, a project that exists since 2019 as a side-project, but finally I have full-time to spend on it).

If you are reading this, I really appreciate you time spent, and would love see your comment. ❤

Not gonna lie: I'm writing this to future version of myself. To always remember:

Keep curious. Keep creating. Never stop learning.